EC warn electorates of scam; Collaboration is key

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has warned electorates of using in verifying their names in the voters’ register.

This comes as the web-based application has gained enormous popularity due to its ease of finding whether one’s name was deleted from the register as directed by the Supreme Court. News of the website went viral on social media and radio enjoying unpaid publicity (I listened to its praise on PeaceFm Kokrokoo)

We know the power of technology but we have not braced ourselves to optimize it fully. All the Commission did was to circulate the list of over 56 000 expecting the average Ghanaian to have enough time to check the ‘analog’ way. then simplifies the data and makes it user-friendly for everyone.

It brings to question innovations from the IT office of the Commission. Weeks after, the EC brings out a telecommunication short code of 6363 to check your status on the register. It’s hence been made to seem that the code isn’t patronized. Machecki is less expensive (few megabytes) rather than the short codes.

Machecki was created by a team of talented youth trying to put their talents to the best use of their country. The team has demonstrated competence and the Commission needs to collaborate with the Machecki team to help data management and other IT services.


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